There are many potential ways to communicate the results of a wildfire hazard assessment with members of your community. For example, simply mailing the results to homeowners, along with general information on reducing wildfire hazards, may suffice in some communities. In others, creating targeted suggestions for specific homeowners may be more desirable.

One particularly good approach for some communities is the use of web-based maps. The web-based map approach is an easy way for community leaders and homeowners to identify particular areas of concern.

There are two main components to this type of approach:

  1. A “report card” that summarizes the hazard assessment results for each parcel, and
  2. A web-based mapping application (webGIS) interface that allows users to explore both their report card and the results of the assessment throughout their community. WebGIS is particularly useful in this context because it readily portrays the spatial configuration of hazards in a community.

This type of webGIS system can also be created using ESRI’s ArcIMS product and many types of open source tools, though this type of effort would require specialized knowledge by a trained technician.

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