The demonstration building doesn’t have an attached deck, but since many homes have them, information regarding decks is included here.

In a wildfire, decks are vulnerable from an ember attack from above, and surface fire from below. If ignited, the deck can cause longer term flame impingement exposure, potentially igniting the siding, and/or breaking the glass of a window or door. Fire can then enter the stud cavity, or occupied space of the building, increasing the chance that the home or building will be lost.

The performance of the deck will depend on three things: 1) the relative siting of the building and deck on the parcel (i.e., mid-slope, top of slope, on a flat lot, etc.), 2) any combustible material that is stored under (or on top of) the deck, and 3) the deck material.

See a video demonstration of some issues to keep in mind about decks and wildfire.