How to Use the Homeowner Wildfire Assessment

This online assessment form will guide you through a series of questions about your home and yard, and then provide you with a customized report about its vulnerability to wildfire. You will also receive guidance for possible home improvements and routine maintenance steps that you can take that may reduce your vulnerability to wildfire.

Please read the important notes below, and then click to begin the assessment:

More Information About this Assessment

This wildfire hazard assessment was developed for homeowners living in close proximity to wildland areas -- living near a wildland area may mean that your home is at increased risk from wildfires. To complete this assessment, you will need to provide answers to questions about your home. We have provided a link to a printer-friendly version of the form that you can print and complete before entering them online, as you may need to walk around the outside of your home to get some of the answers.

Once you have answered the questions online, click submit, and you will get a customized report based on your answers to the survey questions.

Important Notes

This assessment is intended to be an educational guide to help homeowners to lessen wildfire hazards on their property. The survey does not take into account the effect of nearby wildlands or other homes. It is important to note that the survey and possible solutions to any questions do not guarantee your home will not be harmed in the event of a wildfire.

This survey is anonymous -- no information from this survey will be retained.

Copyright, developed by the University of California. For questions, contact Steve Quarles.
Center for Fire Research and Outreach