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About this Website

Even in highly fire-prone areas, there are many steps that property-owners and communities can take to reduce fire risk. We have developed a science-based approach to assessing the vulnerability of homes and surrounding vegetation to wildfire. This website shows the results of a community wide assessment in one California community.

Homeowners can explore their rating and get suggestions on how to improve their fire safety by clicking the points on the map and reviewing their "report card" in the window below. To learn more about how to complete an assessment and web map like this for your community, click here.

How to Use this Website

1. Use the map navigation buttons in the top left corner of the map window to zoom in and out. Click and hold your mouse button down in the map window to "drag" the map to view a different area.

2. Click a point above and the results of a wildfire assessment completed for that property will appear in the box below.

3. If you have a problem loading a layer or receive an error message, often just clicking the reload button on your browser will resolve the problem.