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Source code listings only shown for the top level script. All compiled extensions and called scripts are included in zip archive for download.


Description Does batch loading and display of grids using the same .avl legend file.
Download addgridsavl.zip
Source Code addgridsavl.ave


Description Does batch conversion of ASCII raster files on disk to grids.
Download asc2grid.zip
Source Code asc2grid.ave


Description Creates an Index Color Map (*.icm) file on disk from a theme's legend.
Download avl2icm.zip
Source Code avl2icm.ave


Description Concatenates multiple .dbf files on disk. Simple or transpose cat-ing supported.
Download dbfcat.zip
Source Code dbfcat.ave


Description Does batch conversion of Grids to ASCII raster files.
Download grid2asc.zip
Source Code grid2asc.ave


Description Does batch conversion of Grids on disk to PolyLine or Polygon shapefiles.
Download grid2shp.zip
Source Code grid2shp.ave


Description Does batch export of the VAT from each Grid to a .dbf file of the same name as the Grid and with fields listing the totoal area occupied by each value in hectares and acres.
Download gridupdtar.zip
Source Code gridupdtar.ave


Description Does batch conversion of shapefiles to binary grids within a grid mask.
Download shp2grid.zip
Source Code shp2grid.ave


Description Splits shapefiles into multiple shapefiles based upon unique attributes in a user-specified field.
Download shpsplitunq.zip
Source Code shpsplitunq.ave


Description Does batch insertion of area and perimeter statistics into Polygon shapefiles.
Download shpupdtarpr.zip
Source Code shpupdtarpr.ave

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