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What is HFire?

HFire is a raster-based, spatially explicit model of surface fire spread created by Marco Morais and written in the C programming language. HFire can be used to predict the speed and direction of a fire spreading across the landscape. HFire can also be used for stochastic multi-year simulations of fire regime.

Read more about HFire here.

What should I know to use HFire?

If you don't know much about wildfire, you might want to start with the fire behavior and fuels pages to get an idea of how fires are started and how they spread, and what makes fires burn. These pages also contain links to previous projects done using HFire, and many other fire behavior and fuels references.

The data and tools pages contain downloadable products, including spatial data, source code, and executable utilities.

How can I use HFire?

What can HFire do?

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