Fire Hazard Mapping

While flood zones and earthquake faults are incorporated into urban planning and development guidelines, but this tends not to be the case for wildland fire. California is leading the way, however, in developing Fire Hazard Severity Zone (FHSZ) maps that highlight the most dangerous locations for development and link new, stringent fire-related building codes to these designated areas. As a collaborative effort with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's (CalFire) Fire and Resource Assessment Program (FRAP) to identify and characterize burnability for wildland urban interface/intermix regions in California, as part of the FHSZ update. In addition, we developed a search-by-address web mapping application that made the FHSZ maps widely available.
Related work on fire weather patterns and past fire locations in California has led to development of new methods for mapping the severities and frequencies of fire weather episodes, critical information that is currently lacking.